We’re all called to be saints

On the heels of our beautiful parish celebration of St. Thérèse, our Patroness, we arrive today at the feast of All Saints and the beginning of November! These indeed have been days of great joy for our parish family. First and foremost, the saints (and especially St. Thérèse) remind us that happiness and fulfillment are within reach for all God’s children. 

We're all called to be saints 1

Since St. Thérèse promised to spend her heaven doing good on earth, let us hold her to her promise and beg through her intercession that she would continue to intercede on behalf of our parish family.

I want to take a moment to once again thank the many faithful who made our wonderful festival possible. I am aware of the sacrifice of time, energy, and resources it takes to pull off a celebration such as this.

We're all called to be saints 2

Your dedication is a witness to all of us of the Christian path of life, and I pray that for you the festival was not just ‘a lot of work’, but an opportunity to discover once again Christ who moves our lives to acts of service and love for ourselves and for others. To do it for any other reason than Him would be in vain.

On a personal note, I also want to thank the active and retired service members of our parish who showed up in support (and even in uniform!) for my commissioning. This was already a moving day for me as the culmination of a desire God planted in my heart ten years ago. It was made even more so to have you surprise me in this way. To have you there was a humbling honor and a great joy.

We're all called to be saints 3

In a special way, throughout the month of November, the Church recalls not only the saints of our history, but all those who have gone before us. As your pastor, I invite you in a particular way to recall the souls of the faithful departed in the personal intentions you bring to Mass, in your other devotional prayers, and in your evening family prayers. A Book of Life will be available in the sanctuary of the church for you to write out the names of deceased loved ones. The names recorded in the book, as well as the All Souls names placed on the envelopes on the altar, will be remembered by our priests at all our Masses throughout the month.

Peace and all good be with you!

-Fr. Matt Worthen

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