Welcoming Deanna Carmichael, the new Director of Children’s Religious Education at Little Flower


I am Deanna Carmichael.  Recently I was given the opportunity to serve in the Children’s Religious Education Ministry.   Soon after joining the team I was asked to write something about myself and to highlight Children’s Religious Education in this month’s Parish Newsletter.   I spent several days not knowing what I should write. Then, in Mass listening to Father Alberic’s Homily, it hit me! I just needed to tell my story. How did I get here and why is it such an important role?

I was born in Pensacola, FL to Olin and Glenda Carmichael in 1971…just kidding…I’ll fast forward!

Like many other families, our family has a long history at Little Flower Church and School.  Moving forced us to attend a different parish as well as attend public school. I received the Sacrament of Confirmation through participation in a Religious Education Program.  I often reflect on my time as a student at Little Flower School and later as a Religious Education (CCD) student.

John and I were married at St. Mary Catholic Church in 1991.   We were blessed with one child. Our son, Bryce, has attended Little Flower Catholic School since Kindergarten and is currently in the 7th grade.   We are blessed to be able to provide him with a Catholic Education.  I believe that all children deserve access to Catholic Religious Education regardless of the school they attend.

This brings me to my WHY!   Why should I answer this call to serve?   I wasn’t looking for a job. I’m not a teacher.  I volunteer as much as I can. How will I find the time?

Why?  Because someone did it for me.   Because someone who wasn’t looking for a job, was not a teacher, and already volunteering in many areas found the time for ME.   Because someone took the time out of their schedules to plant the seeds I needed to support my spiritual growth and development.

Last and certainly not least…this ministry is not possible without our amazing catechists and other volunteers that make this ministry possible.   Phyllis Hodge, Glenda Carmichael, Denise Walden, Clancy O’Donnell, Ann Marie Asbjornsen, Tina Babinski, Kerry Pham, Barbara Miller, Richard and Misty Delarosa, Charlotte Hinds, and Wendy Flaherty.

These volunteers are the true spirit of Christ alive in our parish.

-Deanna Carmichael

Director of Children’s Religious Education

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