Understanding the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

The Rite of Christian Initiation of adults (RCIA) is a process developed by the Catholic Church for prospective converts to Catholicism  who are above the age of infant baptism. Candidates are gradually introduced to aspects of Catholic beliefs and practices.  

The ideal is for there to be an RCIA process available in every Roman Catholic parish.  Those who want to join an RCIA group or class should aim to attend one in the parish where they live.  

For those who join an RCIA process it is a period of reflection, prayer, instruction, discernment, and formation.  There is set timetable and those who join the process are encouraged to go at their own pace, taking as much time as they need.

A monstrance used during adoration

The Little Flower Catholic Church, Pensacola RCIA program is now accepting candidates for 2019-2020 Program.  Those who desire to receive the Sacraments, their sponsors and those who would like to update and refresh their learnings about the Catholic faith and beliefs, those who have drifted away from the church, those who are coming back are also welcome to attend the program.  Formal RCIA class and training will start on the 4th of September 2019.  The class is scheduled every Wednesday at 6 o’clock  in the evening at the Marian Room. The Church will provide the books, reading materials  and hand outs  to the candidates and new comers.  

All you need to do to begin is call the office (850) 455-5641 to register, or fill out this form.  As the Basic Catechism of the Church presents, “Our role as Christians is to know, to serve, and to love the Lord.”

Understanding the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) 1

As Coordinator of RCIA Program, I assure you that you will enjoy and learn from the class and from the different mentors.

Thank you very sincerely, In Christ

Fr. Alberic Lazerna, OSB

Parochial Vicar and RCIA Coordinator

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