Announcing the formation of a Pastoral Council at Little Flower Catholic Church

Dear Little Flower Parish Family,

Since we all can’t get enough of election season, now seems an appropriate time to form a new Pastoral Council for Little Flower. Canon Law, which dictates the governance of the Church, states that each bishop may legislate the formation of a pastoral council for parishes in his diocese (CIC, can. 536). Bishop Ricard promulgated such norms for all the parishes of our diocese in January 2004. Upon my arrival, Little Flower did not have an active Pastoral Council, though we did have a Finance Council.

With my appointment as pastor in January of this year, I am ready now to begin the process of forming our Pastoral Council. As Bishop Ricard stated in his promulgation, the role of the Pastoral Council is a consultative body that gives “those involved in the parish…a clear voice and a consistently open means of communication with the [clergy] responsible for the parish.”

By virtue of office Fr. Alberic, Dcn. Rey, Dcn. Tom and I are members of the Council. Other members of the parish are nominated and elected by the parishioners, and a few positions (no more than ⅓) are filled by my appointment. Through Sunday, November 18th a ballot box will be available in the vestibule of the church for all parishioners to cast their nominations. Those with a majority will be given an opportunity to accept or decline. Parish election of all accepting nominees will occur on the weekend of December 1st and 2nd. This gives all of the nominees only a week or so to robocall and robotext you with their campaign messages! The Pastoral Council will then convene in January of 2019.

It is clearer than ever that the Church benefits from a process of collegiality and shared leadership with the lay faithful. At the parochial level, the Pastoral Council, along with the Finance Council, is a primary instrument in achieving this. So I thank you for your serious prayer, discernment, and participation in this process. As always, any parishioner is welcome to observe any meeting of the parish Finance or Pastoral Council. That being said, please know that I also welcome any parishioner wishing to speak with me directly should they so choose.

In Christ,

Fr. Matt

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