An update after the Amazing Parish conference

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is easy for me to say that this parish community has welcomed me in a manner far greater than I expected and has always supported me in the many ministries in which I’ve been involved.  Additionally over the past two years I have, together with Father Matt and some parish representatives, participated in what is known as “The Amazing Parish” process.

As a small leadership group we have participated in two conferences bringing together large numbers of parishes from many dioceses throughout the United States.  A large contingent of Bishops, Pastors, Deacons and lay parish leaders attended this year’s conference. There were 804 attendees at this years conference.

While the recent conferences introduced me to new ideas on how parish communities can be more effective, the overriding message was always an environment based on prayer.  All of the activities I’ve had the opportunity to attend over the last three years have had at its focus an emphasis in prayer no matter what the process might be.

Daily Mass, breaks from learning sessions to engage in meaningful prayer as a group and on an individual basis was always a large part of the process.

In Christ,

-Deacon Tom Gordon

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