To make a difference.

Little Flower Catholic School prides itself on our Cardinal Volunteers. There are many ways to share your time and talents with our students. From coaching sports to being a room parent or chaperoning a field trip, there is something for everybody at Little Flower Catholic School.


Complete Fingerprinting

Per Diocesan requirements and for the safety of our children, all volunteers working with children are finger printed and background checked. We will direct you towards our Diocesan website to read the requirements and begin the process.

Once this step is completed, move on to choose a volunteer role.


Choose Volunteer Role

The administration encourages parents and grandparents to become involved at Little Flower Catholic School. There are many opportunities to assist in our school as a volunteer with your time, talent or treasure. This list is meant to give ideas, not to exhaust all possibilities.

  • SAC Committee
  • PTO Board
  • Classroom Guest
  • Courtyard Grooming
  • Coaching a Sports Team
  • Coaching a Sports Team
  • Chaperoning a Field Trip
  • Guest Reader
  • Library Assistance
  • Donations


Contact Our Office

After completion of the fingerprinting and background check and choosing the way you've discerned giving of either time, talent, or treasure, please fill out this form to finish the process.

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