The cardinal Difference

At Little Flower Catholic School our teachers strive to provide the best possible academic opportunity for every student. We focus on incorporating our Catholic tradition and academic excellence, while instilling values of love, mercy and compassion. We teach our students to live everyday like Jesus and prepare them for further education.

"A good school provides a rounded education for the whole person. And a good Catholic school, over and above this, should help all its students to become saints."

Pope Benedict XVI


Our school participates in the State of Florida’s voluntary pre-school program.

For three hours a day, our VPK four year olds experience a fun introduction into their educational journey. Our Creative Curriculum places an emphasis on play and hands on activities which advance the development of our students at an age appropriate level, while preparing them for their future educational experience. This program is offered at no-cost to our families.

Elementary School

Our Elementary School provides our students from kindergarten through fifth grade with a curriculum that covers all the core subject areas (science, mathematics, English language arts, social studies) and supporting studies in technology, religion, fine arts, PE, and Spanish.

Knowing the need for a strong foundation in mathematics, from the beginning, we place a strong emphasis on this subject. Our integrated math curriculum from kindergarten through eighth grade ensures our students build upon their previous studies to better prepare them for the future.

In kindergarten through second grade, our curriculum places the greatest emphasis on English language arts in order to educate our students to read at their highest capabilities and lay the strong foundation for future mastery of writing and grammar. 

In third to fifth grade our elementary students continue this foundation in English language arts and more time is also dedicated to science and social studies.

Middle School

Our Middle School curriculum builds upon the foundation set in our Elementary School. Our school continues to offer classes in our core subject areas (science, mathematics, English language arts, social studies) and supporting studies in technology, religion, fine arts, PE, and Spanish.

At this level, our students explore these subjects as they begin to understand their application through such things as scientific experiments, math projects, introduction to great works of literature, and the meaning of Sacred Scripture.

At this point too Middle School students have the opportunity to pursue their own interests through debating, year book, and others.

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Student Support &
Title 1

For all students kindergarten through eighth grade, Little Flower Catholic School offers Title I services for qualifying students. Additionally, any students needing tutoring or additional enrichment will be provided these opportunities by our ESE teacher during and after school.

Our school is staffed with a trained guidance counselor to provide support to our students and faculty as needed.

Day Care

Little Flower Catholic School Extended Day Care Program provides a safe and convenient option for parents. Students are able to spend their after-school time as needed be it daily or drop in beginning immediately after school until 5:30 pm.

The Extended Day Care Program begins with supervised homework time followed by a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, a snack time is also provided. Our students at Little Flower Catholic School find the Extended Day Care Program to be a positive experience.​