Run the race so as to win

Little Flower Catholic School Cardinals Logo

Go Cardinals

Little Flower Catholic School participates in the Catholic Youth Sports League of Pensacola. It is a blessing to be able to provide you the students with the opportunity to play football, volleyball, basketball and track with other schools who share the same Christian values.

LFCS offers the following team sports:

Tackle Football for Middle School

Flag Football for 3rd - 6th grade

Cheerleading for 5th – 8th grade

Volleyball for 5th – 8th grade

Basketball for 3rd – 8th grade

Track for 3rd – 8th grades

Dear God,

As we gather in your name, let us respect each other.

Let us be supported by parents, led by coaches, & guided by officials.

When we practice, give us strength.

When we play, give us courage.

When we lose, give us peace.

In all that we do, let our lives praise YOU.

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