Pastoral Council Election Ballot

Dear Little Flower Family,

With excitement, I am pleased to present the names and biographies of the 12 parishioners you have nominated as candidates for our Pastoral Council. As you know, we have not had a Pastoral Council in the parish since the 90’s, so the formation of this advisory council is both long overdue and greatly anticipated. Through the “yes” of those nominated, the clergy will gain a better pulse of what is happening in the pews, and receive guidance as they help lead the parish in living out its mission.

Beginning at Masses this weekend, you will be allowed to vote for 8 people from the list below. The remaining 4 members of the council can be anyone, appointed at the discretion of the pastor, aided by the guidance of the Leadership Team.

Look for a ballot in the pews this weekend.


___ Al Miller: Al as been married to his wife Lourdes (Lou) Miller for 35 years. After a full career in the USMC, Al worked in the electrical field for many years until he retired in 2015. After completing RCIA, Al became a Catholic here at Little Flower in 2011 and has sense served as a sacristan, extraordinary minister, lector, and a member of our Knights of Columbus.

___ Jose (Joe) Jingco: Joe has been a member of the Little Flower family for 23 years. During those years, he served as lector, extraordinary minister, and altar server for three different pastors. He has also led the Charismatic Prayer Group as Group Leader for six years. Currently, he is a member of the Little Flower Choir. He also  had the privilege of being a Pastoral Council member during the 90s.

___ Barbara Miller: Barbara moved to Pensacola in 2016 with her husband, Robert (Bruce), and grandson, Daniel. After trying out different churches, they felt called to be at Little Flower and have loved being part of the Little Flower family. Barbara serves in the Mother Teresa mission, teaches 7th and 8th grade Religious Education on Wednesday nights, and occasionally works in the rose garden. Prior to moving to Pensacola, she lived in Northern Virginia with Bruce, her children, and various pets. She has a Bachelor’s degree from the Catholic University of America and a Master’s in Education from Marymount University. She also taught in the public school system for almost twenty years.

___ Francis Arias: Francis is retired from the US Navy and currently works as a contractor at NAS Pensacola. He and his family have been parishioners of Little Flower for almost 30 years. He serves as the chairperson of the annual Catholic Sharing Appeal (CSA) campaign for our parish since 2008, and also the current Treasurer for our Knights of Columbus council. He and his wife, Emily, have served as sacristans for quite some time now. He was also a committee member of “Building for Us, Growing for God” capital campaign in 2006 that was tasked with raising enough capital to build our parish office and hall building as well as add two new classrooms to our school.

___ Nick Carter: Nick (William) Carter has been a member of Little Flower since 1954. Married to Brenda for 44 years they have two adult children (Conni and Nicholas) who together with their families are also parishioners. He attended Little Flower Catholic School as did Conni and Nicholas, and now their third generation of grandchildren are currently enrolled. He retired from the Florida Highway Patrol as a Captain serving the State of Florida for 31 years. He is active in the parish serving in several capacities such as a current Officer in our Knights of Columbus council, extraordinary minister, and has received Diocesan certification in Policies- Abuse Risk Management for Volunteers. He has completed the Diocese Church/ School Security and Safety training, and helped implement upgrades to our campus such as new outdoor lighting and security enhancements.

___ Chris Holcomb: Chris Holcomb’s family has attended Little Flower for thirty years. He graduated from Little Flower Catholic School in 1999 and from Pensacola Catholic High School in 2003.  After studying mathematics and theology at Spring Hill College, he worked as a youth minister at Holy Spirit Parish and earned his master’s degree from The Florida State University College of Motion Picture Arts in 2010. He has served as the Little Flower youth minister and as a teacher at Pensacola Catholic High School for nearly eight years. He enjoys spending time with his friends and family, especially his nieces and nephew.

___ Dr. Charles Bercier Jr.: Dr. Bercier commissioned as an Officer in the US Navy in 1963 while a 4th year medical student at Louisiana State University, where he served 23 years active duty in varied Marine Corps & naval commands in the U.S. and deployed abroad. While in the Navy, Dr. Bercier certified in an Aerospace Medicine specialty in 1971. In 1993 he retired as Commanding Officer of Naval Aerospace Medical Institute. Dr. Bercier and his wife Barbara (deceased 2017) have been longtime parishioners of Little Flower having served in various parish ministries and organizations throughout several assignment in Pensacola since 1969. He and his wife married in 1964 in Charleston, SC and four adult children.

___ Tessie Javier.: Teresita (Tessie) Javier is from Pasay City, Philippines where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. She came to America in 1971 to join her husband of 47 years (Reynaldo Javier) who served for 26 years in the US Navy. They have 2 children and 6 grandchildren. After years of using her accounting and managerial skills at Baptist and Sacred Heart Hospitals, various doctor’s offices, and a variety of military installations around the world, Tessie opened her own restaurant (TJ’s Restaurant) here in Pensacola in 2007. She is a lifetime member of Fil-Am, has been a member of our Charismatic Prayer Group for 28 years, is an auxiliary member of our Legion of Mary, a member of the Serra Club and Catholics United for the Faith, and a Third Order Carmelite. In our parish she also serves as a lector and sacristan.

___ Sharon Katona: Sharon is a longtime member of Little Flower Catholic Church. Having spent many years in the classroom teaching Math, she now applies these skills by serving on the Church and School Finance Council. Additionally, Sharon serves on the team that cleans and prepares the Sacred Linens we use here at Little Flower in the Mass and the celebration of all the Sacraments.

___ Christopher Eagle: Christopher has been married to his wife (Maryann) for 31 years. They have three children that attended Little Flower Catholic School and served as Altar Servers, and they have one 3 month old granddaughter. Christopher is a retired naval aviator and former computer programmer with the Institute of Human and Machine Cognition. He earned an Aerospace Engineering degree at Auburn, at Naval Postgraduate School he graduated as an Aircraft Accident Investigator, and earned BS and MS degrees in Computer Science at West Florida. He became a Southern Baptist at the age of 11; however, under the tutelage of Msgr. Crawford here at Little Flower he became a Catholic in 1998. At Little Flower he has previously served on pastoral committees, led the “Welcoming Committee”, served as a youth ministry teacher, taught 2nd grade CCD, conducted a “Defending the Faith” seminar, and created and maintained our church’s website for 16 years. Christopher is a 3rd degree Knight of Columbus and serves as the Council’s Financial Secretary. His most rewarding volunteer activity was teaching Algebra I Honors at Little Flower School for several months.

___ Doug Doughty: Doug is a longtime parishioner of Little Flower Catholic Church. For several years now Doug has served as the Grand Knight of our Knights of Columbus council.

___ Glenn Langan: Glenn has been an active member of Little Flower for 51 years. As children, his 2 brothers and sister all attended Little Flower Catholic School. They participated in sports and all aspects of parish life, with his father teaching CCD while Glenn was in middle and high school. As a senior at Escambia High he met his wonderful wife Gloria, and they were married at Little Flower in 1983. They have 2 grown children, who both went to Little Flower Catholic School and Catholic High School, and 5 grandchildren. Glenn’s brother (Kevin) and sister-in-law (Denise) are very involved with the Little Flower choir under the direction of Denise. Gloria adds much enthusiasm to the Choir efforts and loves praising the Lord in song. Glenn is an active Brother in our Knights of Columbus council.

In Christ,

Fr. Matthew Worthen

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