Our youth group returns changed from their recent trip to help those affected by Hurricane Michael

Dear Parishioners of Little Flower,

We recently brought eight members of P.A.C.K., our Parish Youth Group, on a service trip to help those affected by Hurricane Michael. After driving the 2.5 hours to Panama City, the focus of the day was simple: to be onsite at St. Dominic Catholic Church and help those affected, and still struggling, from the immense damage caused by the recent Hurricane Michael. The eight youth of the parish that went were deeply affected by all that they saw and experienced, and wanted to share their stories with the parish.

“It was so sad to see all the damage and how many people in need. But it was very heartwarming for me to witness all the joy that people had even during this time of distress. I am so happy I had the opportunity to go help and share God’s love.”

– Kayla

“Taking time to help out those in need can really bring satisfaction and happiness to the soul.”

– Jasmine

“I really enjoyed the experience of helping people in need at Panama City and I was surprised of how many volunteers came from afar.”

– Jessica

“Going to Panama City was enlightening! Truly seeing the devastation opened my mind up to the need that is present over there. Getting to serve alongside my peers and teachers was very gratifying and humbling. Thank you for the experience!”

– Ryan

“The devastation in Panama City was sad to see, but this sadness was overthrown by the community at St. Dominic’s and their kindness and generosity to the people in need, which was really inspiring to witness.”

– Alyssa

“I was astounded at how much damage hurricane Michael caused, and I was amazed at how kind and jovial everyone was. It was truly a moving experience and one that I will never forget.”

– Katie

We ask for your continued prayers and support for all of those affected and still struggling from the aftermath of Hurricane Michael.

-Chris Holcomb

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