Our Youth Group needs your help!

When I recently asked some of our youth why they attend PACK, the answer I received over and over again was that they wish to grow in their faith. Luke Lonergan said, “I come to youth group for group-based soul-searching.” Alyssa Pham emphasized that it’s fun but also provides an opportunity to grown in her faith whereas Jarrett Tindall enjoys participating in his faith life.

Perhaps Nancy Cruz puts it best: “PACK is a place where young people can get together to discuss important topics such as how our faith interacts with politics and other modern issues and to bond together as young Catholics. 

Study after study has shown that young people are leaving the Church (and all organized religions) in droves. The sad thing is that the majority just gradually slip away, and no one notices. Furthermore, parental involvement plays an incredibly important role in keeping young people secure in their faith. As such, I am always in need of committed and faithful adults to help in this important ministry.

Please consider volunteering your time to help in this ministry. If this is not possible, I nonetheless ask for your prayers.

All youth from the ninth to twelfth grade are invited to become members of PACK. As Pope Saint John Paul II said, “Dear young people…Do not wait until you are older in order to set out on the path of holiness! Holiness is always youthful, just as eternal as the youthfulness of God.”

I strongly encourage all youth of our parish to consider attending PACK. Visit our parish page and our website for more details about upcoming events or follow us on social media @lfpack.

May God bless you and your families.

-Chris Holcomb

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