Learning more about Chris Holcomb, the youth minister at Little Flower Parish

Dear Little Flower Parish,

My name is Chris Holcomb, and, as most of you know, I am the youth minister here at Little Flower. My family have been members of this parish for thirty years, and I grew up in Pensacola, graduating from both Little Flower School and Catholic High School.

After studying mathematics and theology at Spring Hill College in Mobile, I returned to Pensacola as a youth minister at Holy Spirit Parish before earning my MFA in film production from Florida State University. Since then, I have taught mathematics and religion at Pensacola Catholic High School while also coordinating youth ministry at Little Flower.

It’s funny how things come together in God’s plan because I would never have guessed as a child that I would be working at two of my beloved alma maters as an adult. My goal as a youth minister is to bring the young people of Myrtle Grove closer to Christ by providing a variety of experiences for them to engage in prayer, worship, and service.

It is also very important that they have opportunities to grow closer together as a community. Some of my closest friends are those I made during my time as a child and teenager at Little Flower Parish, and I hope to give today’s youth the same opportunities for lifelong friendship and enduring faith.

If you ever need anything or are interested in joining our youth group, please send me an email at holcombc@ptlittleflower.org.

-Chris Holcomb

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