God’s time allows us to grow

Time is an important concept in the Christian life.  In the beginning was the Word. God created the world in 7 days.  The book of Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament is a meditation on the meaning of our time and God’s time.  In the book of Revelation God reminds us that he is “The Alpha and the Omega . . . the beginning and the end.” (Rev 22:13).  

As we come the end of another school year at Little Flower Catholic School, it seems fitting to reflect on what God’s time (Kairos) has meant for us.  His time allows us all to grow. The most visible growth that time has brought us has been a physical one.  At this point in the year it looks as if all our student’s uniform pants are ready for a minor flood!  Yet, as with all things in our Catholic life, the most important changes are the ones that we don’t see.

Academically our children have made leaps and bounds of growth.

A female student wearing her cap and gown during the graduation Mass of the 2019 Little Flower Catholic School 8th graders
  • Our first graders and most of our kindergarten can read short books and our second grade is ready for chapter books.
  • Second grade as a whole also proved to be in the 90th national percentile in achievement on our TerraNova exam.
  • Third and Fourth grade demonstrated tremendous growth in Math and Science on our achievement tests and fifth grade grew as readers and writers.
  • In the middle school our sixth graders demonstrated the greatest growth in our school on the MAP Growth test, and our seventh and eighth graders were not far behind. In fact our 7th and 8th grade had a 1st place and runner-up in the nation-wide New York Encounter essay contest, and most recently they had a 2nd and 3rd place winner in the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee Serra Essay contest to support our priests.
Graduating 8th graders of Little Flower Catholic School throw their hats in the air after their award ceremony

Still, the growth we are proudest of at Little Flower Catholic School has been our spiritual growth.  In loving care of our brothers and sisters, our students raised over $1000 this year to prevent bullying, help the Hawthorne Dominican nuns care for those with cancer, support the Little Sisters of the Poor, and Operation Rice Bowl. They collected over 900 pounds of canned goods for the Mother Teresa pantry as well. Our student body attended over 56 masses & served at 225, we prayed thousands of rosaries, learned the Angelus, the St. Michael prayer, and for lent our middle school students prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet and agreed to eat simple meals every Friday of Lent.  We had one student receive baptism at a school mass and we welcomed 6 students at the Easter Vigil. I’m sure many of our students will also attend our parish’s Vacation Bible School this summer as well!

Yes, God’s time is full of growth and change and fun and learning and mercy.  We certainly aren’t perfect, but in God’s time we are perfected bit by bit. And just as our God is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and end, we are very glad that our school has a beginning and, especially, and end!

We’re exhausted and we can’t wait for summer break to begin!

-Mr. Stephen Sanchez, Principal of Little Flower Catholic School

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