Deacon’s Open Letter to Busy Men

Dear Men of Little Flower Catholic Church,

The Men of Saint Joseph movement has been around for a while.  It was the brain child of a parish priest who wanted to get men, primarily young men with families, involved in a process of spiritual growth.  A process and a devotion that they could use to help them become better husbands and fathers over time.  The challenge was how to reach men that were already very busy with the full-time vocation of leading their families no matter what their age. Many of his target audience could be described as a family consisting of a husband, wife, two young children or more, along with a dog and sometimes a cat. Additionally, the seasoned man living in retirement also began to actively identify with this devotion.

Living in an American family is a constant picture in motion, one activity after the next in different parts of town with different groups of people.  Time is the one thing that is always a short commodity along with a constant pressure to get things done. I can’t accurately describe what a successful chapter of the Men of Saint Joseph would look like in our parish.  With a great deal of certitude however, I think I can tell you what it won’t look like. The Marian Room won’t be full of standing room men spilling out in the halls each time we meet.  There won’t be much fanfare as this effort attempts to get off the ground.  It will have its share of challenges in getting men interested in participating. I can say from experience that if this effort is going to be successful it will grow slowly.  First with a commitment from about fifteen men or, more realistically a group numbering between five and twelve if we are lucky.  It grows as a devotion and discipline by word of mouth and personal invitation from those already involved.

It isn’t easy to get up early to be anywhere by 6:00AM on a special occasion. It is certainly more personally challenging to do it on a weekly basis. From personal experience I believe the sacrifice is well worth the reward gained over time. To begin to allow Scripture to be a part of who you are, and to allow that focus to guide you each day is a goal we all can work toward no matter how difficult that may seem. Sharing our view of Scripture and the impact it has on us with others is both powerful and formative. To work with other men to become better at being a husband, father, and son can be life changing.

Starting on December 4th (Tuesday morning) at 6:00AM, we invite you to join us!

Come and see! The coffee is on us!

-Deacon Tom Gordon

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