Entrusted to proclaim the word of God.

About being a lector

A lector is any lay minister who reads from the lectionary at Mass.

Thank you for your interest in being a lector at Little Flower Catholic Community. A Lector is any lay minister who reads from the Lectionary at Mass. In some locations a lector is called a reader.

In this ministry an individual is entrusted with the word of God--a tool sharper than any two--edged sword.

How it works

A good lector is a skilled craftsman who works at his or her ministry to proclaim the Word of God within the Liturgy of the Mass along with other liturgical events and celebrations within the parish community.


In accord with the teachings of the Church, a Lector must be a fully initiated Catholic. After consulting with the Pastor and after receiving training, any such layperson may serve in this ministry.

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