Little Flower Catholic Church and School

Join us at Little Flower Catholic Church for an eight week bible study program exploring Jesus Christ within the Gospel of John.

  • Read through 14 narrative books of the Bible and discover the story fo God's pursuit of His people.
  • Learn how the events of the Old Testament are fulfilled in the New Testament by Christ and His Church
  • Learn the key places, events, and people throughout the Scriptural narrative. 
  • Study the Bible from the Catholic perspective.
  • Gain a greater appreciation for the Scripture readings in Mass.
  • Lay a strong foundation for further study and exploration. 
Bible Study

Interested in joining?

The group meets from October 16th through December 16th with classes available on Tuesday and Sunday. The cost for the materials used for the 8 weeks is $25. Please contact the office with any questions or to register. See you there!

We begin in..


"Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ."

St. Jerome

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